After 10 years of studying and working in the legal field at reputable law-practicing organizations, consulting and working for enterprises with state-contributed capital, Vietnamese organizations and individuals, enterprises with foreign investment capital, and individuals being foreign investors.

We include: Lawyer Doan Thi Anh Hong (Ms. Hong Doan) and Lawyer Le Thuy (Ms. Thuy Le) decided to establish FRIC LAW with the orientation to make FRIC LAW become the leading legal consulting company in Vietnam.

FRIC LAW was born in March 2022 in the context of the Covid 19 epidemic that severely affected all aspects of life and society. Appreciating the opportunity from the difficulties, we have built and operated FRIC LAW with a commitment to developing a business that operates on the principles of community-oriented, disciplined, and ensuring sustainable values.

The personnel at FRIC LAW are lawyers with many years of experience in the field of legal advice, and and have been directly responsible for many important and large-scale projects of domestic and foreign clients. In addition to accumulated experience from participating cases, staff at FRIC LAW always focus on updating legal knowledge, participating in intensive training programs on corporate governance, accounting, tax, etc. analyzing financial statements, bidding, construction, securities, etc. to ensure providing partners with legal solutions in accordance with the provisions of the law, in line with the partners’ operational goals.

At FRIC LAW, we focus our resources on the field of activities including consulting business activities, investment consulting (domestic and foreign), consulting specific fields such as bidding, construction, stock; consulting implementation of real estate business projects in Vietnam, and directly training legal knowledge for businesses.

FRIC LAW is committed to professionalism, responsibility, solid professional knowledge, knowledge of diverse fields and rich connections are strengths for us to complete the work of our Partners well.

FRIC LAW is the legal fulcrum for your prosperity.


1. Attorney. Le Thi Thuy (Ms Thuy Le) + 84 (0) 703955777;

– Members: Vietnam Bar Federation, Hanoi Bar Association.

– Education:

Bachelor of Economic Law – Hanoi Law University;
Lawyer training – Judicial Academy;
Lawyer card issued by the Vietnam Bar Federation;
Training Master of Economic Law – Hanoi Law University;
The general accounting program at the Institute of Accounting and Auditing – National Economics University;
Financial statement analysis program at the Institute of Accountants and Auditors – National Economics University.
– Areas: corporate activities, M&A, investment projects, real estate, minerals, tax, information technology, securities, litigation at court and at commercial arbitration.

– Languages: Vietnamese, English, Mandarin Chinese (beginner).

– Professional Biography:

Lawyer Le Thuy has many years of experience in providing legal advice to individuals, organizations, domestic and foreign enterprises, state-owned enterprises, participating in litigation at the jurisdiction.
Lawyers play an important role in legal advice on organizational structure, operation management, and conflict resolution at enterprises. Lawyers have accompanied the enterprise in all stages of implementing real estate investment and business projects, commercial housing, social housing, industrial parks, and mineral projects.
The lawyer is active in the field of legal advice for the M&A process between domestic and foreign investors. Lawyer Le Thuy holds a fixed position of legal advice for individual investors in the fields of real estate investment, securities, and other investment activities.
In addition, the lawyer also regularly participates in training legal knowledge for personnel at enterprises, organizes legal knowledge training sessions for individuals.

2. Attorney. Doan Thi Anh Hong (Ms. Hong Doan) + 84 (0) 977471487 ;

– Members: Vietnam Bar Federation, Hanoi Bar Association.

– Education:

Bachelor of Economic Law – Hanoi Law University;
Lawyer training – Judicial Academy;
Lawyer card issued by Vietnam Bar Federation.
– Areas: business operations, investment, construction, intellectual property, M&A, labor, court litigation, commercial arbitration.

– Languages: Vietnamese, English, Mandarin Chinese (intermediate).

Professional Biography:

Lawyer Doan Hong has many years of experience working in law practice organizations at home and abroad, working in domestic and foreign-invested enterprises.
The lawyer is responsible for providing legal advice in business activities, acting as a legal reviewer in M&A deals, and is responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts with foreign partners in the following areas: import and export, construction, real estate, securities, …
Lawyer Doan Hong participates in consulting IPO activities for businesses, holds the role of regular legal counsel for investment projects, activities in the fields of intellectual property, finance picture, bank.
Lawyer Doan Hong has participated in training legal knowledge for personnel at companies, corporations, and foreign-invested enterprises.


1. Business consulting

Our lawyers have been involved in consulting and doing legal work for state-owned enterprises, Vietnamese enterprises, multinational corporations, and foreign-invested enterprises. We advise specifically on the following contents: establishment, administration, legal control of business operations, consulting on division, separation, merger, consolidation, and transformation of enterprises. Our lawyers are directly involved in consulting and resolving the termination of business operations.

2. In-depth consulting in the field of construction

3. Consulting in the field of securities

Lawyers of FRIC LAW participate in consulting, together with other lawyers in charge of joint stock company’s initial public offering (IPO activities)

Lawyers of FRIC LAW advise, control risks, and give legal warnings to investors involved in securities investment. Notably, our lawyers advise clients on solutions and plans when there is a dispute to claim interests in securities investment activities.

In the process of developing his work, lawyer FRIC LAW also participates in consulting and drafting opinions to protect the interests of victims in criminal cases occurring in the banking and securities sectors.

4. Real estate projects

Lawyers at FRIC LAW participate in consulting, drafting documents, working with competent authorities to apply for permits, implementing projects of commercial housing, social housing, construction of technical infrastructure of industrial parks. Karma.

In addition, we provide regular legal advice for businesses operating in the real estate sector.

Lawyers of FRIC LAW advise clients being individuals and businesses in land use right transfer contracts, house purchase and sale contracts, capital contribution activities with assets being land use rights and constructions. .
In the course of our operations, we are responsible for finding investment locations for foreign investors to conduct investment activities in Vietnam.

5. Investment activities

Lawyers at FRIC LAW directly provide legal advice, complete documents and procedures for foreign investors to invest in Vietnam in the form of: establishing a new legal entity, contributing capital, buying shares, contributed capital. ; investment cooperation contracts (BCC). We have experience working with partners with nationalities: USA, Canada, France, India, China, EU countries.…

During the process of foreign investors making investment activities in Vietnam, our lawyers take on the role of regular legal advice, support investors to update legal documents in a timely manner, Consulting on management activities and labor use. In addition, our lawyers play the role of legal advice, coordinating with the finance and accounting departments of the business to ensure the profit transfer of foreign investors out of Vietnam. comply with the provisions of the law.

In addition, lawyers at FRIC LAW support Vietnamese individuals and businesses to carry out investment activities abroad, and advise on transferring foreign profits to Vietnam.

6. Labor

We have consulted, directly participated in drafting and building documents related to the labor field of enterprises, including: labor contracts, labor regulations, democracy regulations, labor regulations , confidentiality agreements, settlement regulations, labor discipline, etc.

We directly advise, participate in the settlement of labor disputes at state agencies on labor, and settle labor disputes at the Court.

7. Consulting, drafting, reviewing and negotiating Contracts.

Our lawyers are responsible for consulting, directly with clients to negotiate, sign contracts, draft contracts, review, amend and supplement contracts.

We directly participate in consulting, resolving contract disputes between customers and partners in court, and commercial arbitration.

8. Intellectual property consulting.

FRIC LAW supports customers to register, renew, transfer intellectual property rights, complain about intellectual property rights, register intellectual property rights for foreign enterprises in Vietnam.

9. Litigation at the jurisdiction.

In the process of providing legal advice to organizations and individuals, we have accompanied customers in the entire proceedings in cases: civil, administrative, criminal, business and commercial disputes. in court, arbitration.

10. Legal training for individuals and businesses.

Growing up from specific cases, gathering knowledge from practical experiences, building a system of diverse legal situations suitable for each learner, the lawyers at FRIC LAW aim to give value to the community. community through sharing, training and equipping basic legal knowledge for individuals and employees at enterprises.

We believe that: a developed society is a society imbued with morality and legal understanding.

Pleased to cooperate and accompany for the prosperity of customers!